EMEA Technical Webinar Series

We are committed to supporting you and providing technical expertise and recommendations, even when we may not be able to be with you in person. The Cobb Europe webinars hosted by the EMEA region are led by our global team of experts and are intended to provide insights and recommendations across a vast spectrum of topics from nutrition to processing.

This latest series covers three key topics; Ventilation, Hatchery, & Health

There are currently no upcoming webinars scheduled for this region. Check back soon for updates.

Past Webinars

Browse and watch recordings of past webinars here. These will be available for a limited time.

Cold Weather Ventilation

The importance of air inlet and circulation fan systems

Warm weather ventilation

Effective ventilation of curtain-sided houses

Egg Quality

Embryo Diagnosis

Chick Quality

Hatchery troubleshooting

Farm hygiene and clean out

Build a robust vaccination program

Building a robust disease control programme

Hen mortality in lay