The Cobb Flock Management App


Cloud-based, flock management software

The new Cobb Flock Management app (previously known as Cobb Connection) is the latest technology in poultry apps designed to help customers achieve more yield, better feed conversion, and healthy flocks.

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Search our library of Cobb management guides and product supplements that are designed to assist you in building your management program. These materials highlight critical factors that most likely to influence flock performance.

The NEW app is available for iOS and Android devices. Offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Thai.

Note: Some guidelines may need to be adapted locally according to your experience.

Click to download the app

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For North America Customers Only – If you only want to use the mortality tracking portion of the app and have a Cobb chick delivery report, all you need to do is click on the red circle in the top right corner of your screen and your camera app will open. You can then scan the QR code on the chick delivery report and you can continue to report mortality as you do today.

If you are interested in using the full flock management app (tracking feed, water and more), please contact your regional technical representative.