Cobb Roadmap

Our products from farm to processing.

Where It All Begins

Our Farms

We operate three types of farms to produce and collect the eggs that become Cobb products: Pedigree, Great Grandparent (GGP) and Grandparent (GP). Some eggs and day-old chicks are sold to customers while others stay on the farm to become pedigree stock.

Let’s Hatch Some Chicks!

Our Hatcheries

Eggs are transported from the GP farms to our hatcheries twice each week where they are set in incubators until they hatch after 21 days. Then we grade, vaccinate, count and deliver the chicks to customers.

What a Mash!

The Feed Mills

Three feed mills store, mix and deliver feed to all of our operations. Nutritionists develop the feed formulas to include an ideal blend of protein, carbohydrates, vitmains and minerals.

Are We There Yet?


Transportation is a critical part of our business because safe and humane bird handling means our customers receive the best quality product. Local drivers deliver the eggs collected from the farms to our hatcheries. Cross-country drivers transport day-old chicks from the hatcheries to Cobb customers.

Keeping Our Birds Safe

Animal Welfare & Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of the chickens we breed, raise and distribute worldwide. Cobb regularly educates and trains all team members and growers about our clear standards and expectations for bird handling, care and biosecurity. Our team of skilled veterinarians manage flock health and coordinate with industry researchers and experts to continuously advance poultry health and well-being.

Efficiency, Consistency, and Uniformity


While Cobb does not directly process chickens, our World Technical Support team specializes in processing best practices and outcome based strategies that help our customers get the best results. The team visits our global network of distributors and integrators processing facilities on a regular basis.



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