New, Online Resource From Cobb Shows the Value of Quality Products and a Better Feed Conversion Ratio

Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA: The newest resource from Cobb Europe shows exactly how much a point-of-feed conversion is worth in relation to changing feed cost and bird live weight. The online tool is designed for industry professionals across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). 

“At Cobb, we know how important it is to get your feeding strategy right for a profitable business in this time of global increases in raw material costs,” said Matthew Wilson, sales and technical director for Cobb Europe. “With the expertise of the Cobb team, we developed this tool so industry professionals can easily and quickly see the value of a point-of-feed conversion with a changing feed cost and dependent on their live weight. This calculator does not take into account whether the end product is either a live proceed or further processed product, but it looks at the live cost and how, depending on your feed cost and the bird’s live weight, a strategy for reducing feed input cost or maximizing feed conversion is the best option.”

Industry professionals in EMEA can visit to use the tool. They just need to enter data on feed processing, feed cost, and live weight, to instantly see how much annual value a point-of-feed conversion is worth.

Through the use of the latest real-time FCR technology, the Cobb500™ broiler has the potential to achieve an optimum FCR at the best live cost depending on flock live weight and feed cost. Businesses should contact Cobb for industry-leading expertise on how to achieve the best economical FCR for their operation.

The new tool complements additional resources for unlocking flock potential available on Cobb’s website. Anyone may visit to stay up to date with some of the best and latest information in the industry.