Cobb China Invests in Hatchery Expansion

Cobb China Invests in Hatchery Expansion

Increasing Hatchery Capacity to Help Meet Growing Demand

Hubei, China, Oct. 05, 2023 — Cobb China, a subsidiary of Cobb-Vantress, LLC, announced today the completion of its hatchery expansion in Hubei. China is a strategically important market and Cobb has invested in China for more than 10 years. In addition, Cobb has continued to invest in in the Asia-Pacific region to support genetic progress and help secure product supply.

This recent expansion of the hatchery will increase capacity by 60 percent and positions Cobb well to meet the growing demands of the China market. The hatchery currently employs 68 people and will add another 13 in 2024.

“We are fully committed to our business in China," said Roy Mutimer, Vice President of Cobb Asia-Pacific and EMEA. “We are glad to acknowledge Cobb as the breed of choice in the China market. The newly expanded hatchery capacity will enable us to meet the growing demand for Cobb breeding stock in the country."

Kongyang Zhu, who leads Cobb’s efforts in China, commented, “I would like to thank our team members for the great success of Cobb China. The goal of Cobb China is to produce chicks of the highest quality standard. We have witnessed team work, dedication and attention-to-detail, all of which made this goal a reality.”

Located in Suizhou city, Hubei province, the hatchery was divided into two phases. Phase one was completed in September 2016 while phase two was started in December 2022.




中国湖北,2023105- 科宝公司的子公司-科宝中国宣布已经将湖北的孵化场完成扩建。中国市场对于科宝来说是一个非常重要的市场,科宝在中国市场已经投资了10年。另外,科宝还继续在亚太地区投资来达到基因进步并保证种鸡供应的持续性。


“我们对中国的业务是百分百投入,”Roy Mutimer 先生, 科宝副总裁(亚太、欧洲、中东及非洲业务)说道。“我们很高兴科宝在中国市场成为首选品种。随着孵化场的扩建,现在我们的孵化产能能够满足中国市场对于科宝种鸡的需求。”