2020 U.S. Sold Flock Award Winners

Pilgrims – MooreField, WV.  

2020  Top Producer Cobb 500FF SFS Total Eggs/Hen Housed 172.51 Adj

flock awards pilgrim
In Picture: Craig Hannas, Breeder Manager Pilgrim Moorefield WV & John Brumback, LPM Broadway/Moorefield

This is Pilgrim Moorefield’s second time winning the SFS award with the Cobb 500FF in the last three years. Congratulations!


Tyson – Crewe, VA.

2020 Top Producer Cobb 700 SFS Total Eggs/Hen Housed 156.54 Adj

flock awards tyson crewe va

Tyson – Crewe, VA. – Breeder Department

In Picture: Charlie Robertson, Steve Glasscock, Chance Derring-Breeder Manager, Kent Biggers, Brittany Bishop, Eric Coones-LPM, Josh Kaczor

Congratulations Tyson Crewe!


Mckinnon Welborn, Welborn Farm

2020 Top Producer 500FF SFS

Total Eggs/Hens Housed & Total Chicks

flock awards welborn farms

Mckinnon grew up in a farming family and thanks his grandfathers and uncle for inspiring him. He has helped both of his grandfathers and uncle raise tobacco and cattle for years. Congratulations Mckinnon!