October, 15, 2019

Managing the Hatcher Environment

The Business of Getting Chicks Around the Globe

By Dr. Alberto Torres-Rodriguez, Veterinarian Exports Manager, Cobb-Vantress

At Cobb-Vantress, we know an efficient export process is fundamental to delivering a quality product to international customers. Careful planning and thorough documentation are essential to accuracy, particularly when you are transporting live animals.
October, 01, 2019

Poultry Industry

Cobb’s Superior Meat Quality Means More Saleable Yield

By Frank Siewerdt, Senior Director of Genetics

Saleable yield is the ultimate goal of broiler production in fully integrated production systems. Breed decisions play a fundamental role in the financial outcome of broiler companies and could make the difference between healthy profits or a struggling operation.
June, 20, 2019

Maximizing broiler performance

By: Flavio Henrique Araujo Silva

Raising broilers is much like building a house. A good deal of effort goes into planning and constructing the structure, but one also needs to be a bit of an artist to create the ideal end result.
May, 29, 2019

Management tips to maximize male fertility

By Mohamad Kallas, Senior Accounts Manager, Cobb Europe


The role of males in poultry breeding is extremely important. Each male is responsible for fertilizing 10 or more females.
May, 29, 2019

Improving ROI with Ventilation

By Scott Black, South Regional Technical Representative

Twenty-five years ago the poultry industry looked completely different than it does today.
May, 29, 2019

Dry Litter Vital to Prevent Footpad Dermatitis

By Martijn Gruyters

Pododermatitis (PD) or footpad dermatitis (FPD) is a type of contact dermatitis observed in broiler flocks. Ranging in significance from superficial to deep, the rash appears on the plantar surface of the footpads and toes.
May, 29, 2019

House hygiene: cleaning and disinfection for success

by Dr Andrea Pizzabiocca, Cobb Europe Senior Manager Technical Services – Italy. www. cobb-vantress. com

To take advantage of the everincreasing genetic potential of our broilers, it is more important than ever to give them the best environment in terms of temperature, ventilation and feed and water management.
February, 01, 2018

The value of understanding moisture loss in incubation

by Ben Green

Calculating moisture loss from the egg during the incubation process is a vital tool in achieving good chick quality and hatchability. This allows you to know just how much water is being removed from the egg during incubation.
November, 01, 2017