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About Cobb Academy

Our team is proud to present the Cobb Academy. Our technical experts have real-world experience in the subjects they will be teaching, so you can rest assured you are learning from the best in the industry.

Access to free courses as they are released with the ability to study on demand at your own pace.

Listen and learn from experts in their field as they teach you about key areas within each topic.

Access and download additional reading materials to help you complete your learning journey and assessment.

Certificates to show completion will be received for you to keep in your own personal portfolio.

We will be building on the course library to keep content fresh and up to date. If there is a topic you would like to see please do let us know.

How It Works

It is simple to sign up to custom made programs and track your progression through course modules, read the below steps and start learning now!

Create an account
Access courses as they are available
Review modules for each course
Listen and learn
Study the course material at your own pace
Additional support available if needed
Complete module assessment
Receive your module certificate on completion

Academy Courses

CV Brasil Eggs 4
Now Available


Boost your career and enhance your skills. You will be armed with the know-how, the experience and the insights to be able to work within the hatchery environment.

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Rectangle 128a
Now Available


Boost your career and enhance your skills. You will be better equipped to effectively ventilate your poultry houses and achieve the highest potential of your birds.

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Now Available

Farm Health

The newest Cobb Academy course will focus on keeping your flocks healthy on your farm. This course is in development, for launch in April 2023.

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Top tips for distance learning.

Distance learning can be very different from watching one of our webinars or sitting in a classroom. Read our top tips on how to make the most of your learning experience and help you get ready.

Create a study space removing distractions.
Schedule in the time for the course.
Use your calendar to set milestones for each module.
Take breaks.
Ask for help if it is needed.
Record your success!

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