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Lower Cost of Production

The Cobb500 provides a significant advantage when it comes to reducing your cost of production. This is mainly achieved through a lower cost diet, as well as an improved FCR and saleable yield. With the majority share of total cost of production coming from feed, the Cobb500 allows for diet flexibility by lowering cost while still achieving an excellent growth rate. Providing the Cobb500 with optimum environmental conditions by following our best practice recommendation for management is key to unlocking its true cost-saving potential. Lower feed cost alongside an optimum environment for the birds will achieve more saleable yield, thereby lowering the overall cost of production.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Great FCR

Through the use of the latest real time FCR technology, the Cobb500 has been selected to achieve an optimum FCR, which will continue to improve year after year. Not only will this allow you to reduce your cost of production right now, but also on a continual basis. Achieving great FCR through a quality diet and a well-maintained environment allows the Cobb500 to thrive. Keeping the Cobb500 in its optimal comfort zone through correct temperature management and good ventilation practices. as well as providing good lighting and water management. is key to achieving a great FCR. The first seven days are the most critical period for this, as the chicks are most efficient at converting feed to weight. Following our five principles of brooding and best practice management recommendation will help unlock the full potential of the Cobb500’s exceptional FCR.

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Bird welfare and liveability are hugely important to us at Cobb. The Cobb selection programs have emphasized liveability, growth rate and feed conversion efficiency as high priorities in the development of the Cobb500, while also continuing to improve the health and wellbeing of our birds. The Cobb500 is therefore robust and able to fight off environmental challenges, thus keeping mortality rates low. Employing our best practice management recommendations and maintaining ideal environmental conditions is again essential for keeping birds happy and healthy. As with most young animals, the first few days of life are crucial. Getting the chicks off to a good start will help ensure that birds remain healthy throughout the life of the flock.

Case Studies

We believe in our product and our customers do too. See for yourself the exceptional results our customers are achieving with the Cobb500.


Best Management Practice

The Cobb500 comes with unrivalled technical support service, covering all the necessary specialisms to help you maximise your bird’s potential. Here are some articles from our team that have been published across the global industry press.


The first seven days is crucial for the overall development of the Cobb500. Here you will find all the technical resources needed to help you produce your broiler, including management guides, supplements and technical posters.

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