Broiler Performance and Nutrition Supplement

Broiler Performance & Nutrition Supplement


This supplement presents broiler performance targets for your CobbSasso150™ broilers, together with recommendations on nutritional specifications designed to help achieve these targets.

The CobbSasso150 broiler is aimed at markets where there is a premium for qualities that constitute a ‘point of difference.’ They are grown to 49 days and upwards and still show competitive feed conversion and carcass yield. A percentage of the birds show characteristic color markings. The Cobb Sasso150 can be successfully grown under different management systems: indoor, free range, organic…including most welfare accredited production systems across Europe.

These targets are based on a combination of field performance and experience from around the world. The growth rates shown are the targets for achieving cost-efficient performance. The recommendations present formulations balanced to suit your CobbSasso150 broiler. The key micronutrients in particular are well known for their effect on the development and mineralization of bone. It is essential that adequate levels of these are presented to the birds throughout their development.

Quality and availability of raw materials may require nutrient levels to be adjusted. Formulations may need to be ‘fine tuned’ to suit your specific requirements and environment.

Please contact your local Cobb technical representative to help develop a program designed specifically to suit your own local conditions based on the advice and information contained in this supplement and the main Cobb Broiler Management Guide.