Cobb Honors Top Performing Customers

Several years ago, Cobb began an awards program to recognize overall top performing customers who use Cobb breeding stock.  While all Cobb customers are committed to excellence, some move beyond excellence and into a higher realm of performance. An annual Sold Flock Breeder Survey, conducted by the Cobb Technical Services team, determines the award recipients.  In 2013, flock data was collected from over 2,000 flocks, reflecting the performance of over 45 million pullets.   

The goal of the program is to allow the customers and Cobb Technical Services teams, who work closely with Cobb flocks, to focus on the key metrics that drive their business: hatching egg production, hatchability, chicks/hen housed, and LOF mortality.  By working closely with individual customers, Cobb Technical Services teams can impact the key metrics that drive their customer’s business, transforming good flocks into great flocks, and great flocks into award winners.

“Cobb has always given us excellent service and support and we appreciate what they do to help us achieve our goals.  Our pullet and hen producers do an outstanding job and their hard work and dedication is key to any success we have,” said David Pruett, Breeder Manager from the Tyson Snead Complex, winner of the 2012 South region Cobb500 performance award. 

The awards are given in six regions in the US: the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast, the South, the Mid-South, the Southwest, and Midwest.  The awards are also given in other regions of the world where Cobb helps customers impact the health and productivity of their flocks, including Canada, Central America, and Mexico.

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