Grandparent Management


The key to success in rearing lies in an effective management program starting well before the chicks arrive on site.

  • The brooding farm must be a single age farm. Isolate the brooding farm from older birds. Brood chicks on an all-in, all-out program. Have a good brooder house security program. The stockman should work only on the brooding farm.
  • The rearing facilities must be clean and pathogen free before the chicks arrive. Detailed cleaning and hygiene procedures are described later in this guide. Remember that site biosecurity must be maintained at all times and that biosecurity regulations apply 365 days of the year, including periods when the farm is empty.
  • It is advised that you have trained and experienced people who know the local customs regulations and the necessary documentation procedures required, ensuring clearance from customs as quickly as possible.
  • It is essential that transport for chicks from the airport be carried out in clean, sanitized, properly ventilated, temperature controlled chick vans. Every effort must be made to coordinate transportation schedules so that upon arrival, day old chicks are cleared through customs and transported to the GPS farm and placed under brooders as soon as possible.
  • Grandparent farms must be secure. The poultry house doors must be kept closed and vehicles entering the farm must first carry out approved wheel-cleaning procedures. Only authorized visitors and personnel should enter the premises (after showering) and they must wear clean protective uniforms provided on the farm.