Our History

Cobb is the world's oldest poultry breeding company. Beginning in 1916 in Massachusetts, USA, Cobb has developed into the global leader in broiler breeding.

How Cobb has become world leader


Robert C Cobb Senior buys the Old Pickard Farm in Littleton, Massachusetts, on November 20. Cobb’s Pedigreed Chicks is formed.


Incubator capacity increases to 1,400 eggs.


Cobb becomes the largest breeder of Barred Plymouth Rocks in New England.


One million breeders were produced.


Cobb begins a breeding line of all white birds, called White Rocks.


The White Rocks are introduced into the US broiler breeder market.


First exhibit at the Atlanta Show.


First Cobb franchise begins in Europe.


First shipment of grandparent stock is sent to Cobb Breeding Company in the UK.

New ventures develop in Argentina, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Ireland.


Hatchery is opened in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


Distribution into Africa begins.


Introduction of the Cobb 100, soon known for its outstanding reproductive performance.


A joint-venture agreement is signed with C Itoh, Japan.


Cobb-Española is formed.


UK breeding program initiates the Cobb 500.


Cobb is purchased by The Upjohn Company. Tyson Foods, Inc. acquires the Vantress breeding lines.


Arkansas Breeders, the first Tyson/Cobb venture is formed.

The Cobb500 enters the U.S. A new pure line operation, Venco, begins in India.


Cobb-Vantress, Inc is formed as a joint venture between Tyson Foods, Inc. and The Upjohn Company, and positions Cobb as an international leader in poultry breeding.

The company moves from Concord, Massachusetts, to Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

New research complex is developed in Jane, Missouri.


A joint-venture company is formed in Brazil.


Distribution agreement is signed with Ha Lim Foods of Korea.


Cobb opens a new hatchery in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


New Cobb production and quality assurance facility opens.


Tyson Foods, Inc. acquires 100% of Cobb’s stock from The Upjohn Company.

Cobb opens a second hatchery facility in Cleveland, Georgia.

Three Springs pedigree farm in Oklahoma becomes operational.

New joint-venture agreement begins in China.


Second joint-venture agreement in Brazil. New distributorship agreement in Thailand.


Opens Cobb’s fifth US hatchery in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Cobb Germany is formed to target central and eastern Europe.

Work starts on a third pedigree breeding complex at Grand Meadows in Oklahoma.


The World Technical Support Team is formed.


Cobb-Vantress, Inc acquires the assets of Avian Farms including facilities in Kentucky and Texas, and the Avian genetic lines.

A new grandparent franchise, Cobb South Africa, is set up by Rainbow Farms.

Production begins at a new grandparent complex established by Cobb Egypt.


The first great grandparent centers is inaugurated by Cobb-Vantress Brasil Limitada in São Paulo complex.

Cobb Europe is formed, based in Putten, The Netherlands. Serving Europe, Middle east and Africa (EMEA).

The Cobb 700 is introduced to the US.


The new $7 million feed mill opens at Siloam Springs.

A new grandparent facility with Reproductores Cobb SA in Argentina goes into full production.

A new joint venture company starts in the Dominican Republic.


Cobb-Vantress Brazil opens new office at São Jose do Rio Preto.

Cobb Avian 48 with focus on lower chick cost is introduced.

UK Bawdeswell hatchery expands to increase regional grandparent production.


Cobb South Africa gains a Cobb "Valued and Prestigious Partner Award" as one of the largest and fastest growing distributors globally.

Cobb Germany appointed distributor for 17 countries in central and eastern Europe.


$15 million project with Granja Alvorada in the Mato Grosso do Sul region of Brazilic is completed.

Cobb Europe moves EMEA regional office from the Netherlands to Colchester, UK.

Cobb completes 50 years at US Poultry & Egg International Expo in Atlanta, US.

New sales structure announced with Cobb’s largest grandparent customer, Agrogen Desenvolvimento Genetico in Brazil.


Alliance announced between Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics. Cobb acquires Hybro and enters an agreement on joint research and development in livestock genetics.

The new Cobb 700 launched in North America and Europe.


Partnership announced by Cobb and Sasso, the leading French breeder of colored and specialty breeding stock for slower growing markets, leading to launch of Cobb Sasso 150 and accreditation by RSPCA for Freedom Foods products.

Purchase of TimberLake farm in Texas to house great grandparent level multiplier flocks to provide for increasing worldwide needs.

Completion of alliance with Hendrix Genetics, purchase of Hybro.

Opening of new hatchery in Russia by Broiler Budeshego.

New distributors appointed in Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Cobb announces a 4 year, US$10 million genomes research program with partners Hendrix Genetics and the USDA.



Cobb Europe acquires Kabir International which specializes in colored chicken for niche markets globally.

Three additionall distributors are approved in Asia.


Construction of new Cobb Quality Testing Center doubles laboratory capacity at Siloam Springs, USA.

Arkansas honors Cobb-Vantress for export success.

Cobb-Vantress Brazil invests in local communities to improve lives of children.


New investment in Cobb Europe great grandparent production facilities in UK

New $14 million hatchery officially opened at Lafayette, Tennessee, USA, supplied by 27 breeder farms.


Fifth US research complex officially opened in Deer Lodge, Tennessee, USA, represents $22 million investment in expanding pedigree breeding

New research agreement with CP Foods in Thailand

New regional sales and technical office opens in Bangkok, Thailand

Cobb Española opens €5 million hatchery to supply Spain, Portugal and north Africa

Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics sign further joint venture research agreement.